The After Party

Most clients feel an immediate sense of lightness, joy, clarity, and lessening of pressure within their body.  It is very common to leave a colonic session in a complete different mind space than what you came with.  There is often a deeper capacity for the breathing, a flattening of the abdominal area combined with a feeling of much more space, and a deep sense of peace.  Besides allowing the body to remove toxic wastes that have been burdening the system, a colonic can also relax the enteric and central nervous systems (unwinding stress patterns,) as well as hydrate the entire body.  This powerful combination can have profound effects on an individual! 

The most common occurrence after a colonic is a slight delay in bowel movements for a few days, followed by easier more frequent eliminations.  This can be attributed to the rebalancing of the colon after massive amounts of waste have been eliminated, but also may suggest an overall weakness in the colon muscles.  Colonics can help strengthen peristalsis, thus more colonics may be indicated to help strengthen the colon muscles.  

Now this all sounds wonderful, but sometimes clients report that they don’t feel that different, or they end up having what is known as a “healing crisis” after their colonic.  Every colonic experience is as unique as the people that are getting them.  So many factors can affect a colon hydrotherapy session.  It’s wise to go into the experience with a clear intention but without expectations…and see what happens.



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A “healing crisis” can be a bit of a disturbing experience if you’re not prepared.  So let me address it.  In the day or two after a colonic, one can experience aches, pains, fever, headache, nausea, gas, fatigue, anger, frustration, skin flare-ups, etc.  This is attributed to the stirring up of toxins and is usually a transient experience. If this happens be as gentle on yourself as possible.  Rest, drink plenty of water, take Epsom salt baths and allow your body to flush out the toxins and heal itself.  Follow the food guidelines below, and consider the reaction you just had as a possible indication that you’re body needs further cleansing.

Suggestions for at home:

1)  Take probiotic supplements – This is a perfect time to support and replenish your body with healthy friendly bacteria (“flora”.)  A colonic will wash away both toxic and healthy bacteria that reside in the gut. In most people, the delicate balance of intestinal flora is very unbalanced, with the scale tipping on the side of unhealthy, highly toxic bacteria strains.  The body will begin developing its bacterial ecosystem immediately after a session, so it is wise to be proactive and take probiotics and prebiotics.  Taking probiotics after a session may also lessen “healing crisis” symptoms.  Please consult with me at the time of your session if you need a good probiotc.  I have many different brands on stock.  (Consider wisely where you get your probiotics.  These supplements are very fragile, usually need refrigeration, and have extreme conscious shipping and handling needs.)   

2) Drink lemon water – Squeeze ½ - 1 whole lemon in 8 oz. water.  Drink as much of this water as you like in the days following a colonic.  Lemon water alkalizes the body, assists detoxification, and actually boosts metabolism.

3) Epsom salt baths – Add 1-2 cups Epsom salts to your hot bath water, soak at least 20 minutes.  This can be a very detoxifying experience. Make sure you take your bath in the evening so you can relax immediately after.  This bath is best done about 1 hour before bedtime.  (If you’ve never tried this, here’s an interesting experience. Don’t drain your bathwater.  Leave it in the tub for about ½ hr with the door shut. When you go into your bathroom after about ½ hour, you can actually smell the toxins that have been pulled from your body into the saltwater.)

4) Castor Oil Packs - Buy any cold-pressed castor oil and take a piece of flannel. Soak the flannel with a generous amount of castor oil and place over the abdomen. Place a piece of plastic wrap and then a hot water bottle or heating pad over top. This can be done every other day for a week, for 35-45 minutes at a time. This is an Edgar Cayce remedy that has been used for hundreds of years. It is used to stimulate the liver, improve digestion, increase lymphatic circulation and reduce inflammation. It also helps break up fecal material in the large intestines and promotes peristalsis. Try it, it is truly amazing!!

5) Take time to rest, relax, meditate, massage your abdomen and breathe.  Consider a walk in nature, swimming in natural water if possible, reading books on healthy living, starting a food journal…and begin contemplating whether a detoxifying internal cleansing program may be in your future.

6) Aloe Vera capsules - As mentioned above, it may take a day or two to resume regular bowel movements.  This is nothing to be overly concerned about.  If it's been 3-4 days, take an Aloe Vera capsule daily.  This should get your body moving the next morning. As a side note, I'm not an advocate of taking any kind of laxatives on a regular basis (more than 30 days) (this includes herbal supplements and teas).  I've seen quite a bit of damage done to digestive systems from frequent use. They are meant as short term fixes, not long term solutions.  If you have any concerns about laxative use, please have a conversation with me about it.

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